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Active Studios NYC
Tiger Strong Karate

Winter Semester 12/31/23 - 3/24/24


Karate • Yoga • Tai Chi • Self-Defense • Reiki Energy Healing • Pilates • Ballet • Modern Dance • Chess • Camp • Parties • Space Rental • Dance Studio • Zoom Workout

SALE: Now through Dec. 1, 2023

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Attention all Barbie enthusiasts!
Fall Embrace the Barbie spirit in a dazzling world of dance and celebration!

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Karate • Yoga • Tai-Chi • Self-Defense • Reiki Energy Healing • Pilates • Ballet • Modern Dance • Online Zoom Workout

NEW Adult Pilates

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Core Blasting Pilates

Active Studios NYC’s Pilates class is dedicated to improving your core strength, flexibility enhancing the full-body condition. Classes are kept small so they can be tailored to the student’s individualized attention.

NEW Adult Yoga

Yoga Classes

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of NYC living and discover the transformative power of Yoga on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan.

NEW Adult Reiki
Energy Healing Circle

Reiki Healing Circle

Experience the synergy of Reiki energy healing, biological energy reading, meditation and breath-work, tuning forks, and crystal sound baths, and embrace a profound shift in your mind, body, and spirit.

NEW Zoom Workout

tai chi

TD Zoom Workout Is Active Studio’s Online class for Adults featuring an exercise regime to stretch and strengthen the body. Improve your overall health with this easy to do workout.

Plenty Of Kids Classes

Active Studios NYC’s approach to teaching children is simple:
We nurture the children’s minds, bodies and spirits.
Our Master Instructors teach with professionalism and kindness in a safe and clean facility.

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Active Studios Programs are the best for learning and growing.

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