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Corporate and Private Group Training

More and more private groups and companies are hosting self-defense workshops as a means of providing a much needed benefit for their employees and staff. Employers are realizing the benefits of adding self-defense training to their employee’s training schedule. Smart companies know they cannot afford to have any employee become a victim of violence on, or off the job. Each member of a team is valuable, and important to the overall well being of a company.
Many  organizations still tend to rely on traditional benefit programs to keep their people safe and healthy. Programs like health insurance, wellness programs, and on-the-job training. Today, some of the most successful  organizations are seeing the financial benefits of keeping their employees and members happy and healthy through the use of new and exciting options. Many are adopting programs that directly focus on reducing job related stress, absenteeism and employee turnover.
Adding the services of a self-defense consultant may be one of the best investments your company or group makes this year. Let’s face it; workplace violence can cause significant increases in worker’s compensation, damage employee moral, lower self-confidence and increase work-related stress. It can even cause you to lose your most talented people as they leave to find a safer and more secure work environment.
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