Reiki Master Program

Reiki Practitioner • Reiki Master • Master Biological Intuitive

Introducing Usui/Holy Fire® III World Peace Training

Reiki Master

In addition to our Reiki Energy Healing Circle, we now offer the following Reiki Master programs:

• Reiki I & II

• Reiki Master

• Biological Intuitive Master

Reiki I & II

Reiki I & II are taught over two days providing you with the skills and certificate to perform reiki on yourself and others.

Reiki Master

Reiki Master combines both Advanced Reiki Training and the complete Usui/Holy Fire® II Master training into one 3 full-day class . This certificate qualifies you to teacher Reiki I, II and Master levels. To qualify to take this class a student must have taken Reiki I&II and practiced Reiki II for at least 6 months. Also, a student must be able to draw the 3 symbols from Reiki II from memory. In the process of learning the healing techniques, Experiences, Placements and Ignitions and taking part in the guided meditations, each student will receive many healing experiences.

Biological Intuitive Master

Biological Intuitive Master is a unique method developed by our partner Self Empowered Minds (SEM) that while sending Reiki energy, energetic feedback from the client is received indicating detailed emotional and physical stress blockages. In this 4 full-day training program, you’ll gain a better understanding of the human physiology, organ functions, emotional connections to the body and an understanding of the root cause of blockages. With understanding of the root cause, the healing process is expedited. This signature process developed by SEM combines proprietary learnings together with Reiki, Access Consciousness, Acupressure, Biofeedback and Biodecoding. Each student experiences receiving and giving healings and readings.

Our instructors are certified Reiki Masters for all level classes through the International Center of Reiki Training. Please visit our partner site for additional information or to book your training: