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Tiger Strong Kids Karate

Little Tiger Cubs (2.5 – 4) • Tiger Cubs (4 – 7) • Tiger Paws (7 – 14)

14+ register as adults

Experience the power and discipline of Karate, an ancient martial art that instills valuable life skills in children.

Kids Karate

Our exciting Tiger Strong Karate class is specially designed to help kids develop skills, camaraderie, and leadership in a fun and nurturing environment.  Led by our experienced and friendly instructors, this class will help your child develop essential physical and mental skills while instilling discipline and self-confidence.

Here are just a few of the benefits your child can gain from participating in our Tiger Strong Karate Kids Class:
•      Develops self-defense skills empowering them to protect themselves in various situations and boosting their confidence in their ability to stay safe
•      Improves physical fitness through engaging activities, exercises, and techniques
•      Improves strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and interactive way.
•      Fosters discipline, increases focus, and nurtures the ability to set and achieve goals
•      Emphasizes respect and courtesy towards others in and out of karate class
•      Develops confidence and character as they progress in their karate journey, earning stripes and moving up in rank through perseverance, determination, and resilience

Join our Tiger Strong Karate Kids Class and watch your child grow physically, emotionally, and mentally while having a great time!

Contact us now to reserve your spot and start an exciting martial arts adventure. 

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