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Child Classical Ballet

Ages 2.5 – 4.5

Ages 5 – 13

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Step into a world of grace and elegance with Classical Ballet, a timeless art form suitable for children of all ages. 

Child Ballet

Manhattan may be crowded, but we offer small classes where your child will get the personal attention they need to learn the art of ballet and develop musicality.   With a friendly and nurturing environment, our experienced instructors will guide your child through the fundamentals of ballet, helping them develop grace, coordination, and confidence.  Aside from the beauty of the art, there’s so much more your child will benefit from ballet.

Here are benefits your child can gain from our ballet class:

•     Enhances physical fitness combining elegant movements and strength-building exercises, helping children improve their flexibility, balance, and overall physical fitness.
•     Boosts creativity as they express themselves through movement, fostering their imagination and creativity.
•     Develops discipline and focus through structured exercises and routines learning to follow instructions, develop self-discipline, and focus their attention
•     Improves posture and body awareness
•     Builds confidence and Self-esteem

Join our Kids Ballet Class today and let your child embark on an enchanting journey of dance, creativity, and personal growth!

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