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Breathwork and Sound Bath

Unlock the Magic of Your Day with Our Energizing Sessions!

Breathwork and Soundbath

Are you ready to transform your day into an extraordinary experience?

Welcome to the Breathwork and Sound Bath Class – where breath work and sound bath unite to create a symphony of bliss that will leave you feeling invigorated, creative, inner tranquility and ready to conquer your day!
Head over to Active Studios NYC, where the magic unfolds! After just one hour, you’ll be fully present for your kids, work or whatever life has instore for you.  Embrace your day, embrace your life!

Indulge Your Senses: Dynamic Breathwork: With controlled breathing techniques, you’ll release emotional stress, reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system, ignite your creativity and rejuvenate your soul. Feel the rush of energy and liberation as you shake off the remnants of yesterday, making room for your spectacular day!
Sound bath Bliss: Close your eyes and surrender to the enchanting sounds of crystal singing bowls.  These therapeutic instruments help to balance the chakras.  Let the vibrations dance through your being, washing away stress, and elevating your spirit to new heights!

Start your morning or end your day de-stressing, and improving your sleep.

What to Bring:
• Slip into your comfiest attire
• No need to lug a yoga mat – yoga mats are provided
• Bring an open heart and mind ready for transformation

Reserve Your Radiance: To ensure an intimate and personalized experience, class size is kept small so make sure to reserve in advance.

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